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Female Beginner Muscle Toning Exercises

....continued from page 2 Female Muscle Toning Exercises For BeginnersA 3 day work plan for toning muscle… [more]

Female Beginner Muscle Toning Exercises Female Beginner Muscle Toning Exercises

Beginner Female Muscle Toning Tips

....continued from page 1 Exercise Performance Tips When performing your exercises during each… [more]

Beginner Female Muscle Toning Tips Beginner Female Muscle Toning Tips

Beginner Female Muscle Toning

Female Muscle ToningThis fairly simple exercise routine is designed for women who are relatively new… [more]

Beginner Female Muscle Toning Beginner Female Muscle Toning

Is Cardio The Answer to Age Reversal?

With your first grey hair often comes the startling realisation that you are not going to live forever.… [more]

Is Cardio The Answer to Age Reversal? Is Cardio The Answer to Age Reversal?

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Advanced Test Page Advanced Test Page
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Female Muscle Toning Exercises For Beginners

A 3 day work plan for toning muscle and blasting away fat.

Day 1

This first week begins your new training regime.

You must begin to burn body fat so this is your first mission. You will begin a fat burning, age reversing, cardio exercise program while singling out your arms, shoulders, legs and tummy.

High Intensity Interval Training

Perform approximately 20 minutes of cardio interval training. Choose a cardio exercise that fits you and that you enjoy doing (or at least have the least resistant to).

I find the best way to describe high intensity interval training with, what I call, the “slow-fast-slow rule”.

Basically the slow-fast-slow rule is performed exactly as you would imagine.

You perform an exercise slowly. Then you speed it up. Then you slow down again. Simple!

Work at a normal to low intensity level for 60 seconds. You should be breathing regularly and feel comfortable performing your exercise.

Then for 15 – 30 seconds crank up the intensity full throttle. You should be breathing fairly heavily and pushing yourself to the maximum.

After this short burst slow down and go back to your original low intensity pace for another 60 seconds before increasing the intensity again.

High Intensity Stair Exercise

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Health Benefits

This type of cardio training has been shown to increase your aerobic capacity for amazing health benefits.

It will also blast away fat at an incredible rate because it dramatically increases your metabolic rate forcing your body to burn excess fat for up to 48 hours after you finish the exercise.

For example, just 20 – 30 minutes interval training in this way can be worth many “normal” hours using a treadmill or other traditional cardio exercise.

You can use any type of cardio exercise, with or without equipment, as long as you observe the slow-fast-slow rule.

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Exercise Performance Tips

When performing your exercises during each session you should observe the following rules:

  • Perform cardio training prior to weight training.

  • In addition to the obvious fat-burning advantages you get from performing cardio before your muscles are tired this training sequence also ensures your weight training routine hits those excess fat reserves. This will also help raise your metabolic rate to burn fat throughout the day even when you are at rest.

  • Focus on technique not repetition.

  • Performing more reps does not always equal a better workout. For instance less repeated slow movements in weight training put more strain on the muscle fibres than performing more, but faster, movements that make lifting the weight feel like less effort.

  • Allow for a rest period of 60 seconds to 90 seconds between compound sets.

  • As you wish to target excess fat reserves in the body for elimination waiting any longer than a minute and a half diminished the fat busting benefits of this routine.

    By resting for only short periods, just long enough for your muscles to recover, you keep your body working at its optimal level.

  • Use the appropriate weight.

  • You should aim to use a weight that pushes your muscle to its limit and allows you to just perform the required number of reps before being unable to continue.

    A weight that is too light will mean your muscles will not get the proper workout needed to tone your body. Using a weight that is too heavy will run the very real risk of serious injury and will not get you your desired physique.

    Never lift a weight that is too heavy.

    Now that you are aware of the proper procedures for performing your exercises we will take a look at the exercises themselves.

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    Female Muscle Toning

    This fairly simple exercise routine is designed for women who are relatively new to exercise or who are complete novices.

    It has been developed for busy women who don’t have much time for exercise and almost no time at all for the gym.

    You will need a few simple pieces of exercise equipment. These are easily available in local high street shops or malls and are also widely available through online fitness shops.

    Exercise Aims

    The following exercises in this routine have been chosen to give you the fastest way to fat loss and muscle toning possible through the least amount of resistance.

    Each exercise is designed to help you tone specific muscle groups while simultaneously burning excess fat reserves from the body.

    The routine hits all the main body muscle groups in just 2 simple workouts. You will perform these exercises only 3 days per week.

    Each training day you will target a different muscle group for health maximum benefits and in order to achieve an overall lean, firm look.

    As the weekly routine has been designed with busy women in mind (aren’t all women always busy?), so the daily exercises show not take you any longer than 60 minutes to complete.

    This time can be considerably reduced when you gain more practise.

    How It Works

    This routine involves the use of something called “Compound Sets”.

    A Compound Set sounds more complicated than it actually is. Basically it involves compounding, or combing, multiple exercise sets into just 1 set.

    In our routine we combine 2 exercise types into 1 exercise set.

    This means you will perform 1 specific type of exercise designed to target a specific muscle group and then, without taking a break or rest period, immediately perform a different set of exercises designed to target a different muscle group.

    Once both sets of exercises are complete you have completed your compound set and can take your planned rest.

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    With your first grey hair often comes the startling realisation that you are not going to live forever. Of course, you have always known that life is finite that all of us must “check out” at some stage but when we see the first signs of growing older we often get a wakeup call about our own mortality.

    Getting older is inevitable. However, growing old is optional!

    What do I mean by this?

    Well, we all have to get older but we can take steps to stay feeling and looking young.

    Although our bodies do tend to slow down as the years pass by we can take proactive steps to keep our bodies working at optimal level.

    Although this may seem like trying to hold back the tide there is actually much more at work here than just making yourself feel like you are taking action.

    For instance, a seasoned 60 year old marathon runner can, and is usually, fitter and in better shape than a “normal” 35 year old.

    In many cases when people in middle age take up fitness they feel better than they did when they were in their 30′s.

    Recent Research

    Recent research, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, documents evidence for the anti-aging effects of exercise.

    In the British study researchers found that regular moderate to vigorous cardio exercise can postpone biological aging by up to 12 years.

    I’m sure all readers will agree that a 12 years reduction in biological age is well worth the effort of regular exercise.

    As a natural part of the ageing process the ability to perform aerobic exercises diminishes as we get older.

    Our aerobic capacity starts to decline at a rate of 5 ml/[kg*min] every 10 years or so.

    This simply means that if you had a normal aerobic capacity of 40 ml/[kg*min] when you were 20 then by the time you hit 40 your aerobic capacity would be at 30 ml/[kg*min].

    To get a better “feel” for what these numbers mean consider the fact that when a man’s aerobic capacity goes below 18 ml/[kg*min], and a woman’s dives below 15 ml/[kg*min], any type of physical exertion becomes very tiring and difficult to complete.

    Reversing the Ageing Process

    It stands to reason that keeping your aerobic capacity number high will mean a better standard of interaction with life as you get older.

    According to the research study fairly robust cardiovascular exercises, when performed regularly and over a period of years, can boost aerobic power in any normal person by up to 25%.

    This equates to a reduction of between 10 and 12 years for most normal people!

    Although many people rarely get enough exercise it is never too late to start.

    It has been shown that starting a healthy cardio exercise program at any stage, even after years of inactivity, can start the biological age reversal process.

    How to Turn Back the Clock

    We have seen that increasing your aerobic capacity can reverse biological ageing. Now we need to determine how we can increase your aerobic capacity.

    To improve aerobic capacity you must start working your heart and lungs forcing them to expand their abilities.

    If you have ever trained using weights in order to tone your body or build muscle you will know that you must challenge your muscles in order for them to grow and develop the way you desire.

    To get stronger you need to regularly y increase the weight you lift or expand the bodybuilding exercises you perform.

    In a similar way you must increase your cardio workouts in order to continually challenge you heart and lungs.

    Luckily this takes a lot less effort than weight lifting and can be much more enjoyable. You do not need to run a marathon every week to stay fit and keep the biological clock moving slowing backwards instead of racing forward.

    Interval training can also be a great way of increasing your metabolism as well as increasing your aerobic capacity and this form of exercise is often the cardio of choice for many athletes.

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    Bodybuilding Sets for the Beginner

    The above exercises are an excellent introduction to bodybuilding and weight training.

    The Basics of Bodybuilding

    Be sure to take it very easy at first. Bodybuilding is a long-term activity and not a quick fix solution for building muscle mass.

    If you do it right you should start to see results in just a few short weeks.

    As you progress you will learn more about specific exercises.

    No doubt want to incorporate some specialist sets into your routines to target specific body parts.

    Sometimes particular muscle groups will need extra attention as some muscle will respond to exercise better than others. This is not set and is individual fro each person.

    You will quickly learn how your own body responds to your exercises as you gain experience training and which muscle groups respond quickly and need a break (or less of a workout) and which are the troublesome areas that need an added workout.

    Sometimes it is necessary to incorporate extra exercises into your sets or you may need to isolate a particular muscle in order to work it harder. This is often necessary when you want to keep a uniformed physique or even want a bigger look in a particular muscle group (like your biceps for example).

    Sets & Reps

    If you are merely looking to tone your muscles and do want an extra thickness or girth then 1 or 2 sets of exercises for each muscle group is more than enough to tone up.

    However, if you wish to increase your muscle mass then you must incorporate multiple sets into your training routines.

    As a rule of thumb you should aim to perform 15 repetitions of any one exercise in your first set. The weight lifted should be heavy enough to work out the muscle but not so heavy that you risk injury.

    The only way you can know how heavy a weight should be is to experiment with it – even a personal trainer will have you do this. To avoid injury always start off with reasonably light weights. Do not try to lift a weight that feels too heavy when you are a beginner as this can lead to serious injury.

    You should be able to lift a weight for 15 reps before your muscle gives up in the beginning. This will be your first rep.

    Rest the muscle for 30 seconds to 1 minute before performing a second set of 12 reps.

    rest again and then perform a final set of 10 reps.

    By this time you should be feeling the “burn” n your muscles as you rip them.

    Advancing Sets & Reps

    When you get to a stage where it is easy to perform the three sets (usually after a few weeks), you must increase the weight you lift if you wish to continue gaining in size.

    There are other specific exercise technique you can use to gain size quickly, such as forced reps and multiple forced reps, but these are beyond the scope of this article and will be covered in later sections.

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    Reduce Your Waist in 10 Minutes a Day

    Posted by in Weight Loss at May 30, 2012
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    Listen to Isabel De Los Rios tell how she shed the fat permanently without depriving her body of food.

    5 foot tall Isabel De Los Rios shed 30lbs in record time by following a diet that was common place fro our ancestors.

    By eating a healthy natural way Isabel and her family were able to quickly reach their ideal weight and stay there!

    Isabel shares her secrets in this short interview and shows how anyone can achieve a healthy weight without having to starve themselves.

    Using food combining and specific dietary food sources it is possible to eat, feel full and satisfied while also losing weight.

    The “No Diet” Diet

    Learn More About The Diet Solution

    Main Points of The Diet Solution:

    • There are specific Food types that you must avoid. These foods encourage access fat reserves in the body. They include, but are not limited to, many of the food types you will already be aware of such as high carb foods, sugary treat. However many of these foods are actually sold as being the healthy option!

    • There are very specific foods that encourage fat burning in the body. Many of these foods seem counter-intuitive as they are tasty and very satisfying.

    • Food combining is also an important part of maintaining a healthy ideal weight. Certain foods, when combined, accelerate fat burning while supplying enormous amounts of energy for instant use thus keeping you healthy and thin.

    • The key to using The Diet Solution lies in the methods used by our ancestors for preparing their food. Overly processed food is garbage to the body. Eat as our ancestor’s ate, but with modern hygiene and quality standards met, and you will enjoy a slim physique or figure just as our ancestor’s did with the added health benefits promoted by modern living.

    Obviously this diet is of interest to anyone who wishes to forgo the pain of denying their body food while at the same time enjoying the benefits of losing body fat.